Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last Day of College - RCC

The last day of college was one of the most enjoyable days my life. The last day our studies at Rawalpindi College of commerce. We started off with normal studies at college. Followed by lots of dhol and dance and enjoyment outside college. Boys came out dhol, dance, spraying shirts and writing wishes on shirts. At one point all students had blocked the roads beside the college.

After that we all gathered about a local cafe and had lunch. After filling ourselves with food, we set off for a drive to Shadra where we had lot of fun swimming. One of the funny things were dancing funny at shadra while turning the volume of cars stereos.

Next stop lake view! spend sometime talking and walking and everyone there were kinda amazed looking at us with shirts sprayed and commented. In evening, we had lunch at savor and then went home. End of the day! it was a great day!

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