Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trip to Neelum Valley

When I think of Kashmir, it really a heaven on earth! In 2009 I went to Kashmir to have a trip of Neelum Valley. The word 'Neelum' is because of the color of Neelum River which is green.

It is one of the most beautiful valley's in the world and home to one the most beautiful lakes too.

I went with my brother to Muzafrabad first. We stayed at friend's for a night and next day we first went for PirChinassi which is almost 3 hours of drive away from Muzafrabad. It is probably the highest hilltop near Muzaffrabad, 10,200 feet above sea level.

We went in our small cars but didn't know the road away was so bad only 4x4's could go easily through those rough roads but since we didn't take any alternative. We risked taking our small Chevy out there but with some struggle, it did reach the top and we chill out for a while there.

PirChinassi (the top of the mountain) was named on the shrine of Hazrat Syed Hussain Maqshbadi. The mountain top has its own sensation. It's one of those places where you can hear anything if stay quiet and try to hear something.

After coming back from Muzaffrabad, we packed up our stuff and went for Neelum Valley. The first place we stayed in Neelum Valley was Athmuqam which means 8th station. It is a very beautiful cup like valley surrounded by mountains on all sides.

From there we did the whole journey on a Land Cruiser. We stayed there for 5 days and it was absolutely stunning watching the scenes. We encountered and escaped active landslides on the way back to Muzaffrabad and those were pretty horrible scenes for us.

It was a great trip to Neelum Valley. One that I can never forget!

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