Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mid-terms starting tomorrow!

Oh yes! One week of being very busy in studies. I think everyone is probably sleeping or studying right now. Most of my mates are very worried, I guess that why nobody asked wasn't text messaging or being active on facebook.

What I think about exams is these are one of those where weak students like me put lot of stress on our brains to get through.

But according to me passing an exam can be done by two ways. First way is pretty hard for students like me, memorizing everything, and keep studying whole day and night. The second part is a bit short and simple, Strategic preparation of exam from the start. I'm not saying that you should be studying everyday but what you need to look for is analyze the teacher and get what he wants, simple? 

Let me explain, if you understand what a person wants and you deliver it. That person would be happy and satisfied and be willing to give your consideration. That's what you have to do. Stick to what is required and be straight and simple in your explanation of answers to the question you would be solving in exams. Good Luck!

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