Wednesday, November 3, 2010

12 districts - 40 hours - 1000 Kilometers!

The name might tell you something. Me and my university mates were given a research project and we had to get information from various about fast foods.

We were given the province of KPK/NWFP, Pakistan. There was quite a controversy going on about how are we going to get some information from there. Many of students decided not go to places and get information but I was (as usual) in the mood for some adventure and so did my friends agree with my plan on going to various districts and do the field work.

So we made a plan. Four guys in a car off to KPK. I set off at 4.45 AM and picked my friends and we set off for our roadtrip, i mean project work. So went to haripur and had our breakfast there. After that we spent around an hour moving around the city's markets.

Then we moved Abbotabad and spent sometime for our work. After finishing work in Abbotabad we set off for Mansehra but we didnt stay in Mansehra, we kept and went to Battgram. We didn't find any fast foods there and were a bit disappointed. It was around 3 PM and we suddenly had a shift in our plan to go Naran-Kaghan from Battgram.

So, we set off for Naran-Kaghan and our next stop was Basham but one the things I loved about was the road. It was absolutely stunning! I had never seen a road so beautiful among mountains and the whole view was breathtaking. At that point I wished the road never end!

Reaching Basham, we got to know that there was no road going to Naran-Kaghan from there. The only road to take was from Mansehra and that really made us unhappy. So we went back from Basham to Buttgram and then Mansehra.

We reached Mansehra at around 9 PM. We didn't take any rest, we kept moving and I kept driving. We had hour supper at a resturant and decided we leave for Naran-Kaghan. At that point we were quite tired except for one of our fellow who had taken significant amount of sleep. I had been driving for about 16 hours straight but it was ok for me as already had driven 17 hours before once.

I was very much looking forward to going to Jheel Saif ul Maluk which is about 20-30 KM from Naran. We set off for it. As we moved, the road got worse and dangerous. For a small car and a city driver like me, it was challenge!

We drove through a bad alternative route near river Kunhar because road beside the mountain was destroyed by landslides. It was around 12.15 AM and we reached a road and in front of the road we saw a board in the middle of the road saying active landslides ahead. We stopped there for about 5 minutes - on a road where we couldn't see anything except where the car's headlamps were pointing. It was a chilling moment for us and I was constantly shouting at my boys to keep looking around if any stranger comes by. After sometime we moved forward without taking any care what would happen.

During that drive nobody actually knew what would happen and everyone was shocked and I was very exited :) But before we reach Naran, we had a problem. We had very less fuel! So unfortunately we had to move back. Three times I thought we'd definitely fall and crash down the hill while climbing up a steep road while zig zagging (because the road was full of powdered soild and gravel) and at exactly 5 AM, we reached Mansehra and I stopped the car at the same resturant where we had our supper before.

I gave my thanks to God we came back safe. I drove for more than 24 hours without any stops and for me, it is significant achievement in driving. I slept for 2 hours after that and my fellows kept guard and had their breakfast.

When I woke up, I just took a Maza 1/4 liter apple juice and we went off to Nowshehra. As soon as we hit the motorway, I started to like the moment even more. We reached Nowshehra and finished our work and went back home.

It was a great trip and even I if I keep writing this post for hours and hours, the moments we had there are countless!

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salman said...

it was a superb one yar cant forget it!!

Xiao Wac said...

Yo nigga i like the photo's n the way u describe our this AWESOME tour love u man keep rock'n ;)

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