Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Missing my friends from the web

Since the start of  October, I left blogging and started again with my university. My first semester was good and I was able to squeeze sometime out of university time for blogging and spending time with my friends.

Now with the start of second semester, things are a little bit different here in the new university campus. It's near my home which means I get to reach and save time from coming to university and going from university to home. But the studies are getting a bit tough + there are alot of things to do besides this so my blogging is not limited to this blog.

Worst of all is I don't get to get in touch with my friends alot and I'm really you friends Ajinkya, Mia, Karthik, Suci, Lucky, Lastri, ...

I hope I'll do some refinement in my daily activities and get back soon.

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