Friday, November 5, 2010

Sudden Unplanned Trip to Murree

Most of my trips are unplanned and that's why it makes them exciting. It was a rainy friday around 11 A.M ad everything looked perfect!

When me and my friend were going back home after finishing some work, we suddenly asked each other, "Is anything missing?"

And then we both started thinking and since we have kinda same mind set about the weather and the road, we both said at once, "Murree!!" and it was done right then.

We refueled at a petrol station on the Express Highway and drove our way to Murree. The weather was so good, dangerous for road too, that we were lost completely in it!

There was one song we loved the most during that drive, you can listen it below:

We forgot one thing before we left was hot rice which we wanted to eat as we drive to murree and were a bit disappointed. Still could be worse - we ate the worse rice ever in our life at resturant. The rice was cooked but was 3-4 days old. Since it was an unplanned trip, things like should happen. We thanked God our bellies had something for the cold weather breakfast and moved on.

Everything was good and we reached Murree and had soup and Chinese rice for afternoon meal. It was very cold and we were walking in our t-shirts on mall road. After walking alot and enjoying the beautiful sceneries, we started to move home.

As we were moving back home, the beautiful mountain scenes got even better and we couldn't help resist it and took frequent stops to enjoy it for some minutes.

It was almost sunset and darkness started to fall and things got a bit more exciting for me because as much as I was enjoying everything, I was enjoying my driving even better. Dense fogs started and then it got a bit challenging for me to drive in zero-visibility, that I enjoyed much and it helped me well in driving.

As soon as we hit the plains and then into city, we missed it so much that we thought we should have stayed. it was a memorable trip!

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